Space (home or office) Clearings

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Spaces that we move in and out of (homes/offices) collect residual energies from both their past or present owners.   Homes/offices can retain energetically the emotions built up over time from past occupants.  This can have an adverse affect on us when we enter the space. Some of the negative emotions/energy held are: anger, grief, confusion, sickness, divorce, mental illness, death, and many more.

Have you ever walked into a room and suddenly for no reason felt you mood change?  This is a common occurrence for most people, but they just don’t understand why it is happening.  This can be caused from residual energy that is left in the area for past events.

It is a great advantage when selling or after buying a home to clear out these leftover energies.

Areas it can assist

  • Home owners to feel better
  • Selling – can promote a quicker sale as buyer feel more comfortable
  • Buying a new home – make it feel like your home from day one!
  • Renting/leasing – Can promote a quicker rental as renters feel more comfortable
  • Pets settle more quickly as they don’t ‘pickup’ any past energies.
  • Have your home of office harmonized with you intent for the area so that you are working together to move forward.

I cover the Sunshine Coast Area and by arrangement can travel to Brisbane (for an agreed price).  Please Contact me to make a time.

Your home is the heart of your environment.  The challenge is that very often it is filled with energy that does not support your best you.  Just as you need to be realigned at times so that you can work optimally, the energy in your house also needs to be raised and balanced so that your home is a place that supports your best health and well being.

Energy in Balance has a full 1 hour three step process to bring the energy in your house/ unit or work place into balance so that it supports the best health of you and your family and friends.

Pricing for standard 3/4 bedroom home or standard office space within the Sunshine Coast area $97.  

Special discount if referred by One Chiropractic Heath at Peregian Beach for standard 3/4 bedroom home or standard office space within the Sunshine Coast area $77.50

If your premise a different size please contact me for a quote.

Do I have to be present? 
No you don’t have to be present to have a space cleared, however I will request that all electronic devices within the house are turned off.  It is more harmonious is there are as few people as possible in the house, if you have any questions regarding this please contact me.

How long does a session take? 
The clearing takes approximately 60 minutes depending on the size of the premise.

Do I need to do anything? 
You will need to email me what your intent is for the space I will be clearing the negative energy from so that you will get the most out of your session.  EG I would like my house filled with love and abundance…..

How do I pay? 
Payments can be arranged and paid via paypal prior to the session or cash in hand at the premise.

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