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Make The Most Special Day Of Your Life Even Better

Lets face it girls your wedding day is one of less than a handful of days that will be the most important in your life.  Every bride to be wants the day to be as perfect as it can be and for a lot of brides that comes down to the energy and emotion surrounding your wedding.

Because you deserve it take the opportunity to have your wedding venue blessed with the best energy so that the area that you say your vows is filled with only love, light and joy.

As an energy worker it would be my honour to elevate your special day by clearing any residual negative energy from your chosen wedding location and infusing it with love, light and your customized intent to start your life together in the best possible way.

Wedding Package

  • Indian Head Massage within 3 days of you taking your vows – the oil and massage technique have been chosen for this pampering and been specifically selected for their relaxation effect, promotion of deep healthy sleep  and encouragement of radiant looking skin so you are relaxed and bursting with health and beauty on your special day (at the location of your choice within the Sunshine Coast Region)
  • Chakra clearing and balancing within 3 days of you taking your vows – the focus of this energetic work is to clear you of all but vibrant positive energy.  Special care will be taken to open your heart chakra to its greatest extend so that you can experience the largest amount of love and joy on your special day (at the location of your choice within the Sunshine Coast Region).
  • Blessing/Energy Clearing of the place that you take your wedding vows – the only energy you want is beautiful energy while you are sharing your vows with the closest people in your life.  This energy work will clear negative energy and infuse good energy in the place where you are to be bonded to your loved one.
  • Intent placing – have your future wishes infused into the place where you get married so that your very being vibrates with the joy and hope of your future life.

It’s my mission to make your wedding preparation as relaxed and easy as it can be and your wedding day as perfect as can be.  I’m happy to customize my services to best serve you, call me no on 0400 796 055 so that we can put your ideal package together for you and your partner.  Anyone referred by Mask Events qualifies for a 20% discount.

Special 20% Discounted Price $240 

Standard Price $300

Energy In Balance

0400 796 055

[email protected]

Do I have to be present for the Clearing/Blessing?
No you don’t have to be present to have a space cleared, however I will request that all electronic devices within the house are turned off. It is more harmonious is there are as few people as possible in the house, if you have any questions regarding this please contact me.

How long does a session take?
The clearing takes approximately 60 minutes depending on the size of the premise.

Do I need to do anything?
You will need to email me what your intent is for the space I will be clearing the negative energy from so that you will get the most out of your session. EG I would like my house filled with love and abundance…..

Can you do a Blessing on a Chapel, Church or Temple?
No I do not do blessings on set religious places.

How do I pay?
Payments can be arranged and paid via paypal prior to the session or cash in hand at the premise.

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